So far I’ve learned that Is a state of mind, they only exist in your mind and imagination, the bigger the limits the bigger your fears, it’s about how far are you willing to go without backing up, without being scared or afraid of the outcome, living with no regrets, the sky is the limit they say around, so why limit yourself to live a free and happy life, yes there will be obstacles and hard moment in your life, but they are as big as you want them to be, so if something comes up and you feel afraid and don’t know what to do, embrace the feeling and turn it around, look the good in the bad, and transform the outcome of things, live a happy life, and live with no regrets. Like an athlete learn from it’s mistakes and comes back to win the gold, we all have that inside of us, all we have to do is focus and trust that everything will workout the way you want, the way you project them, not the way that they might appear or the society tells you, you create your own life and you have had it since you were born but with time we loose sight of it, as we grow our brain gets filled with fears and limitations created by human society our vision gets cloudy and we don’t receive the message or signal as good as we used to, we become disconnected with ourselves with that inner voice with that connection that we have with god and the universe, so become aware of your fears and limitations and tackle them, look inside and start listening to that voice, dig deep into your heart and don’t be afraid no more.



First day of my life


This picture was taken two days after being release, is amazing how we take things for granted in this life. This is just a way is humble myself to the unknown and to nature itself, we are all connected somehow and whatever you project out in life will come back in ways you can not imagine, keep your mind and heart open and pay attention to the signs.